The Berlin Institute for Urban Transformation offers courses and workshops which help you to better know the city as well as discover biblical perspectives and your calling.

City Changer

Would you like to be a part of something that transforms hearts and conditions in the city? You will discover how that works in our City Changer courses.

Leading in the City

Our city needs people who will take on responsibility. But what make up a healthy leadership personality? How does leading in the city work?


The biannual city conference, Transforum has been offered for many years by our supporting organization, Together for Berlin. Since our founding, the BIT has been a partner of this conference, involved with the preparation, organization, and implementation of the conference.

Compact Course CITY CHANGER

Following Christ in Berlin
Four evenings, disclosing the new perspective

Life in Berlin challenges us in all kinds of ways: we daily encounter people with diverse life plans, and cultural or religious backgrounds, we experience poverty and wealth beside one another, we are confronted with the change of our neighborhoods, and we encounter some of the most diverse ideologies, trends and fashions. What does it mean to follow Jesus in this continually changing city?

What possibilities are available to us to meet people with the Gospel, to shape the city, and to bring lasting change for the better? How do we gain a vision for our own calling in the concert of others? How can we develop a healthy balance between engagement and recreation?

The compact course devotes time to answering these and other questions during four evenings

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  • To gain insight into the dynamics and complexity of the city
  • To deal with your own calling in cooperation with others in the city
  • To recognize God’s vision for the city and the role of the church
  • Learn tools in order to understand contexts, developments, and trends


The course is open for people who would like to follow Jesus in the city — church and mission workers, volunteers, Christians in professional life, women and men, young or old, from all cultural backgrounds. Participants receive a City Changer certificate at the end.

Leading in the City – Leaders for the City

Berlin is attractive like never before. The context is ideal for innovation, and in Christian scenes too. New groups and churches are springing forth with momentum. But Berlin can also be a place of excessive demands, isolation, and failure.
We believe that mentoring is the best way to encourage potential leaders. Through this, arise networks of encouragement and support. Whoever wants to serve as a mentor must first learn to lead him or herself and to become a leader after the heart of God. The city needs such new leaders!
Both of these courses build on one another, but each can also be taken alone. We recommend as much as possible to participate in all four evenings. Each of the four evenings consist of time to get to know one another, instructive stimuli, small group discussion, and time to pray.

Course 1

New Leaders for the City

  • “In all cities and towns”—learn from the strategy of Jesus
  • Hope for the city—learn from Nehemiah
  • Strength of character in daily life—learn from Joseph
  • Setting the proper priorities as leaders

Course 2

Mentoring: Encouraging Potential Leaders

  • Mentoring—Key for lasting development of leaders
  • “I prayed for you”—Peter as a hopeful example
  • Finding and encouraging people—Barnabas as a model mentor
  • Investing in the next generation as leaders

Courses of the
Urban Mission Study Program (TSR/UNISA)

The following block seminars of TSR Urban Mission Study Program are also able to be booked as individual courses and available to outside participants: